Medical Tattooing Treatments

Medical treatments include areola, hair loss, cleft lip, Tattoo removal, scars and burns all available at Glow Advanced Beauty, Harrogate

Medical Treatments

Prior to every medical tattooing treatment a thorough personal medical consultation is conducted, this is always done before your initial treatment so we can explore your medical history in full detail. In order to ensure the correct outcome, we will need to understand what surgery or treatments you have had or are planning for the future.

We will discuss in depth what your desired outcome will be and by knowing this Debbie will be able to work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs. Before any treatment is conducted the design will be drawn on and we will take in to account other factors such as personal style, skin tone, shape and size. You will be fully involved in this process.

Once you have chosen your perfect shape we than move onto pigment selection. Debbie has an extensive range of globally acclaimed pigments for you to chose from and can be mixed together to create a custom blend to perfectly match your requirements. By swatching the different pigments on the skin you will be able to see how the colour will heal and we will not proceed until you are completely happy with the design and colour selection.

nouveau contour treatment glow advanced beauty
nouveau contour glow advanced beauty

The Treatment

The Nouveau Contour machine is a specialist machine that is designed to to suit medical treatments. It works at a low frequency to allow microscopic particles gently into the skin, it is refined, quiet and gentle. The length of treatment is variable as the treatment is bespoke to each individual the, but you should set aside 3 – 4 hours for the initial treatment. Any top up appointments are usually half the time.

After the treatment

After the initial appointment Debbie will advise you on an aftercare routine which requires basic care of the treated area and application of a gentle balm. The treated area will look darker in appearance to start with. However, this will soften within a few days and the colour will lighten considerably. Within a few weeks a pleasing intensity of colour will have settled on the treated area.
It could be that you require more than one treatment, but this is entirely dependant on your individual circumstances and requirements, this will be discussed with you at your initial consultation.

nouveau contour after glow advanced beauty

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