Permanent Lip Treatments

Our Permanent Lip Treatments include semi permanent lip make up, permanent lip liner, lip blush and permanent lipstick all available at Glow Advanced Beauty, Harrogate.

The Consultation

Prior to every permanent lip treatment a thorough consultation is conducted, this is usually done as part of your initial treatment, though this can be done before if you prefer. We feel the consultation is a very important opportunity where you can discuss with your technician your desired end result and a full medical history will be conducted. By looking at your individual face shape, features and structure we use a pencil and callipers to measure up and draw on your desired lip shape. Our highly skilled technician Debbie will work with you to look at the various pigments and decide on the perfect colour for you.

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The Treatment

The Nouveau Contour machine is a specialist machine that is designed to suit facial and medical treatments. It works at a low frequency to allow the pigment to be applied gently into the skin using advanced fine needling techniques, the usual looks people like to achieve is a ‘Lip Blush’ this is where we work along the lip line to define shape then as we move down and into the lip we contour the pigment into your natural lip colour. This is a beautiful soft result with very natural looks achieved. After lip procedures you are likely to be swollen and the lip colour will appear much darker and more prominent (around 60% darker than your healed result) however, within the few days post treatment these will soften and lighten to a much more subtle intensity, with this in mind is advised that you may want to postpone any social plans for a couple of days afterwards.

The Top Up

A second appointment is usually required 4-6 weeks after your first treatment. This is a complementary procedure where we go back over the area and boost any parts that need extra pigment implanted. It is completely normal to require a top up as everyone’s skin heals in different ways. It is similar to painting a wall, it requires two coats. Permanent cosmetics is a two part procedure and even if you feel you don’t require the top up it is always advised to come back to the clinic for your technician to look over your treatment and preform your retouch

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