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William McElligott, who suffers from unilateral dermatoheliosis

This image is possibly one of the most compelling arguments for wearing sunscreen! Even in winter…. actually all the time and LOTS of it!

The image is of American truck driver William McElligott, who suffers from unilateral dermatoheliosis, or photoageing, caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. The 66 year old’s face is a dramatic image of One face Two stories. William delivered milk around Chicago for 28 years and the right hand side of his face was shaded by his cab, the left side was exposed to the rays of the sun. As a result this side has aged approximately 20 years more than the side that was not exposed.

Another frightening statistic I found whilst researching was that driving has been linked to an increased risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure through the windows, which do not filter UVA rays. A study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology concluded more cases involved the left arm and left side of the face according to the CBC.

So what do we do?
Prevention is key! Don’t take risks, limit exposure, coverup and wear a sunscreen!!!

Is sunscreen in my foundation enough?
Unfortunately this will not offer you the protection you need! Foundations primary function is to cover the skin and make it look good. SPF is secondary, so we won’t be getting adequate protection. The SPF of sunscreens is measured using 2mg/cm2, and studies highlight that most of us use less than half that amount, making the SPF in reality only a square root of what is written on the bottle (ie SPF 5 instead of 25) and therefore extra protection is required. In other words, think of how little foundation you put on your face compared how much SPF we lather on when we go abroad! We also tend to keep re-applying SPF through out the day, especially when we are swimming and sweating.

Science shows we should be doing this all the time… even in sunny Britain.

What should I look out for when buying an SPF?
Skincare and Skin cancer is something that is close to my heart…. Some you may know I have about a million irregular moles, and from the age of around 16 I have had to to go to the dermatologist every 6 months… I’ve lost count how many mole maps, biopsies and removals I have had, I’ve been so lucky but many aren’t! I have a great interest in my skin, its always going to be with me so I never neglect it, its too important! So I wanted to share my knowledge on what you should be looking out for when you go shopping for an SPF. These ingredients are paramount when I search for my children also!

It’s important to look for these two ingredients: Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

These ingredients are great for sensitive skin and are also very unlikely to irritate your skin. They provide a physical barrier, rather than chemical sunscreens. They work a bit like a mask and will do a fantastic job at protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. The way I like to think of these two ingredients is to imagine them as a wall of white paint on your face….. the molecules will reflect rather than absorb! The scattering is great because if the sun absorbs to the components of a sunscreen it will slowly break down and create heat. So Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are the key ingredients you can not do without!

Does Sunscreen lead to Vitamin D deficiency?
I personally do take a vitamin D supplement, this is for my own reasons and I can not advise personally. I would recommend referring any enquiries on this to your GP.

However, the paragraph below was taken straight from www.skincancer.org website:

“High-SPF sunscreens are designed to filter out most of the sun’s UVB radiation, since UVB damage is the major cause of sunburn and can lead to skin cancers. UVB wavelengths happen to be the specific wavelengths that trigger vitamin D production in the skin. Nonetheless, clinical studies have never found that everyday sunscreen use leads to vitamin D insufficiency.2,18,19 In fact, the prevailing studies show that people who use sunscreen daily can maintain their vitamin D levels18,19“

You can also acquire vitamin D from a combination of diet and supplements. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna are especially good sources. Small amounts are also present in egg yolks, beef liver and cheese. And many common foods such as milk and orange juice are fortified with vitamin D. (Read labels, because foods are fortified only when they say they are.)

My all time favourite SPF?
In my Skin clinic in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I have tried many sunscreens on myself and my clients. And speaking from the heart Heliocare is my go to product! I LOVE IT!!! There is not one day I don’t wear it, it sits so comfortably above my skincare routine and works as the most amazing primer for my foundation. I personally use Heliocare sun touch, as I love the little bit go GLOW it gives me.

HelioCare understands that that we all have different skin so offer a wide range of products that suit every skin type…… Even my clients with combination/oily skin love it, as it has a gel like texture that just sinks into the skin with no stickiness. I literally just pat it on then I am ready to apply my foundation straight away!! Its also amazing at giving my skin a little boost pre/post gym!

Every product in their range provides high-level SPF50 broad spectrum UVA | UVB protection using the latest and most advanced UV filters. It provides a natural basis for each product and has been proven in extensive clinical studies to be a powerful, natural, skin-specific anti-oxidant, helping to protect the skin from damage caused by the sun and prevent photo-damage. It also offers further skin cell damage protection and prevention with DNA repair enzymes and additional natural anti-oxidants.

As you can see, there’s so much more to Heliocare than simply UV protection – that’s why it should be used every day.

Heliocare product range

If you are interested in buying any of the Heliocare product range we sell at GLOW Advanced Beauty Harrogate, North Yorkshire. You can call us on 01423 202828 and we can hold some back for you if you are local and want to pop in or if you live further afield please call us and we can take payment and post out to you!

Alternatively we also offer FREE skin consultations so call us to book in! We absolutely love to share our skin knowledge with you all!!! xx


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