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    • PH
      5.6 pH +/- 0.5

      60ml and 180ml available to buy
      This clear, lightweight cleansing gel is powerful – yet gentle enough for hypersensitive skin. Formulated with a balance of bionutrients, antioxidants and mild resurfacing ingredients that thoroughly cleanse without stripping essential natural oils.
      Resurfacing, Anti-Acneic, Deep Cleansing

      Suitable For
      All skin types
      Acne prone skin
      Pre & Post procedure

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    • PH
      3.4 pH +/- 0.5

      available to buy
      An intensive reparative formula delivering a powerful combination of essential vitamins, bionutrients and antioxidants to hydrate, regenerate and restore overall skin integrity in the most compromised skin conditions

      Suitable For
      Dry/Dehydrated skin Dermatitis sufferers Radiation & chemotherapy patients Pre & Post Procedure

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    • PH
      5.5 pH +/0.5

      60g available to buy
      A powerful antimicrobial reparative formula with cell signalling technology that encourages skin recovery and repair whilst immersing skin with essential hydration and protection. Suitable for use on an array of compromised skin conditions including open cuts, grazes, scar tissue, dehydrated, aggravated, itching or post ablative treatment skin.

      Suitable For
      All Skin types Post ablative/non ablative Procedure Dry/Dehydrated or compromised skin Open wounds, incisions, cuts, grazes Aggravated inflamed skin Scar tissue

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