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Skin Optimisation Treatment Regime Kit



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iS CLINICAL products for skin optimisation are formulated with pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients that work synergistically and safely with skin cells to affect change. The iS CLINICAL optimisation regime includes formulas that build collagen, provide antioxidant protection, brighten skin tone and protect. The combination of products work to improve overall skin health & appearance and contributes to the delay
of the visible signs of ageing.

Suitable For
3 Month regime for the treatment of; AGEING UNEVEN SKIN TONE SCARRED SKIN



CONTAINS; Cleansing Complex 180ML (Resurfacing, Anti acneic, Deep cleansing) Moisturising Complex 50ml ( Anti oxidant rich hydration) Super serum 15ml (Anti ageing, Brightening, Anti oxidant) Extreme Protect Treatment SPF 30 (Protecting, Anti ageing, Hydrating) Skin Condition Regime Patient information card IS Clinical Brand brochure IS Clinical luxury travel bag

Usage & Instructions
All usage instructions are included within the Skin condition regime information guide included within the kit

Inci List
All Ingredients are outlined on the sleeve of the treatment kit. Alternatively refer to individual product listing INCI.